Key Orders

New orders for the reporting period totalled approximately €1,492,346 thousand, compared to €2,163,745 thousand in the previous year, with a €671,399 thousand decrease. New orders acquired by the Signalling Business Unit amounted to €893,197 thousand and those of the Transportation Solutions Business Unit to €642,712 thousand.

Key orders acquired by the Signalling Business Unit in 2012 were as follows:

Signalling Business Unit
CountryProjectClientValue (€ MLN)
AustraliaRoy Hill 1Hancock Prospecting118.0
ItalyHSL MI – VR (Brescia – Treviglio)Consorzio Saturno70.2
UAE - Abu DhabiGCC - Abu Dhabi section 1SAIPEM58.8
South KoreaHSL Korea - Honam LineLSIS47.3
ItalyBrescia ACCRFI34.4
CanadaExtension Phases 2. 3 & 4TTC22.8
CanadaNorth Spadina ExtensionTTC18.3
ItalyHSL Italy – variations MI-BO - RM-NARFI16.7
AustraliaButler Extension - Northern Suburbs Railway (NSR)Public Transport Authority WA14.7
South KoreaOn-board equipmentROTEM13.0
ItalySSB - ATCS variation on 4th application contractTrenitalia10.9
ChinaHangzhou line 2INSIGMA10.3
USAComponents. Service & MaintenanceVarious54.5
ItalyComponents. Service & MaintenanceVarious36.8
FranceComponents. Service & MaintenanceVarious26.1

Key orders acquired by the Transportation Solutions Business Unit in 2012 were as follows:

Transportation Solutions Business Unit
CountryProjectClientValue (€ MLN)
AustraliaAutoHaulRio Tinto252.8
AustraliaRCE 353 & ECPRio Tinto101.0
AustraliaVarious contractsRio Tinto54.4
Copenhagen Ring – variation orderMetroselskabet78.9
DenmarkCopenhagen Ring - O&M variation orders
ItalyRome underground Line CRoma Metropolitane35.7
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh - O&M variation orderPMU16.0
ItalyLine 1 of Naples underground - Colli Aminei PCOMetropolitana di Napoli13.2
ItalyHSL MI – VR (Brescia–Treviglio)Consorzio Saturno11.8
ItalyHSL RO – NA – variation orderIricav Uno11.3
ItalyLine 1 of the Naples underground - variation order Dante-GaribaldiMetropolitana di Napoli10.1


Orders at 31 December 2012 - 2011 (€ MIL) and contribution of the Business Units