Company Profile

Ansaldo STS operates in the high speed and conventional railway transportation and urban rail transportation (automatic and traditional underground rail and light rail systems) sectors and specialises in:

  • the design, production, construction, management and maintenance of railway and urban rail signalling systems, subsystems and components;
  • the design, production, installation, integration, maintenance and management of railway and urban rail transportation systems, and essential part of which is signalling.

Ansaldo STS designs and builds integrated transportation solutions, studying, designing and planning ways in which to integrate the design and construction of the technological elements in the system, thereby defining and creating the complex functional and operational integration of the superstructure, signalling, power, telecommunications and vehicles (for railway trains, light rail trains and light rail cars), and all the technological work that, together, constitutes the integrated transportation system.

Ansaldo STS structures its activities into two Business Units: Signalling and Transportation Solutions, in addition to a unit that develops global standard solutions – Standard Platforms & Products.

According to customers’ requests and depending on the type of project, Ansaldo STS operates in the railway and urban transportation system sector as a general contractor providing turnkey solutions (and, therefore, also managing civil construction activities for the completion of the project), as the provider of integrated transportation systems with its own signalling products, or independently, providing only the technological part and, therefore, signalling products or engineering expertise for the system/technological integrator or other subsystems or parts thereof.

In addition, through its signalling Business Unit, Ansaldo STS also supplies parts and provides maintenance services either along with the signalling and monitoring system or separately.

Through its Transportation Solutions Business Unit, it provides operating and maintenance services for urban transportation systems.

Ansaldo STS maintains and develops its leadership in the railway and urban rail transportation system sector by focusing on two key factors:

  • its ability to design innovative solutions and systems that ensure its customers utmost attention and compliance in terms of required safety standards, efficiency and system inter-operability;
  • multi-local presence and high technological content for the implementation of highly complex projects.

When carrying out each project, Ansaldo STS takes into account its social, economic, logistics, architectural, environmental and infrastructural context, and is able to plan, design and build signalling and railway and urban rail transportation systems that achieve the best possible combination of safety, efficiency and returns on investments. Local and national governments and businesses rely on Ansaldo STS for any type of rail transpor tation work. It counts roughly 4,000 people around the world dedicated to implementing and increasing safety on the rails.

Ansaldo STS’ business units consist of Signalling and Transportation Solutions and the various subsystems and services that make up the transportation solution.

Ansaldo STS’ business units