Integrated KPI

Performance 2012



Revenues (mln) Revenues (mln)
2012 2011
1,247.8 1,211.9
Order backlog (mln) Order backlog (mln)
2012 2011
5,683.3 5,452.8 
2012 2011 
117.1 116.1 



  • Energy from renewable sources
    6,195,980 (kWh) (24% on total)
  • ISO 14001 - 12 sites on 22 certified
  • Waste production
    546 (t) vs. 603 (t) 2011



  • Research & Development (€)
    32.3 mln invested in (2.59% of turnover)
  • OHSAS 18001 - 17 sites n 22 certified 
  • Accident severity rate:
    - OFFICES 3.75 vs. 5.18 2011
    - PRODUCTION SITES 11.34 vs. 30.47 2011

Stakeholders Engagement

Dialog with stakeholder Investors Collaborators Community Supply chain Customers Investors Collaborators Community Supply chain Customers


  • Excellence in Governance
  • Maximisation of company value
  • Sustainable development
  • Careful assessment and management of risks
  • Transparency in communications
  • Intense Investor Relations activities
  • Partnership with banks


  • Respect and development of people
  • Training and professional growth
  • Drive towards internationalisation and multiculturalism
  • Development of Corporate Welfare
  • Focus on health and safety
  • Listening to needs


  • Research programs with Public Institutions
  • Partnerships with Universities
  • Quality and transparency in communications with the media
  • Support to humanitarian, social and cultural activities

Supply chain

  • Clear, objective and verifi able selection criteria
  • Relations based on partnerships
  • Control over supply chain


  • Technology Leadership on safety and environmental issues
  • Continuous innovation of products and solutions
  • F lexibility in the offer of integrated solutions, including O&M activities
  • Financial support
  • Delivery on time and on budget
  • Life-cycle management and risk assessment
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Value Creation



Large, growing, changing in geo mix. Still competitive, consolidation possible


Proven and highly defensible portfolio to serve global and local needs


Globally integrated organization delivering on time, on budget and on value. Still needs more efficiency especially in distant & "just enough" markets

Business model

Unique client centric business model shaped to win. Turnkey clients may raise concerns due to uncertainties about future of Breda


Strategic directions

Global scale & access to Rolling Stock

Global scale & access to Rolling Stock

Market selectivity

Market selectivity

Focus on attractive markets where Ansaldo STS can enjoy good competitive positioning



Build competitive advantages and ensure long-term growth.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency

Improve cost of non-quality and organizational effectiveness (esp. in "just enough" markets)

Strategy enablers

Strategy enablers: implementation monitoring & HR programs



Superior value creation with conservative outlook.
Sustain revenue growth leveraging healthy
backlog while protecting profitability

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Facts and Figures

1.492 mln New orders 1.3mln Economic value generated in 2012 27 countries and 5 Continents 4,100 employees worldwide

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Annual Report 2012

The Group’s 2012 performance was positive and in line with forecasts. The delivery of turnkey metro systems such as in Riyadh represent technological and operational successes achieved ensuring results in line with targets previously communicated.

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Sustainability Report 2012

Ansaldo STS performed well in 2012: we achieved our financial goals, built and delivered our work and projects and innovated our products.

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